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Little Waiting


PRICE: $5.99

[ STRAIGHT / TRANS ] It ain’t what they call you, it’s what you answer to. Talitha and Aki find new names and words their bodies respond to with excitement, and explore them together, stripping themselves naked figuratively…and literally.

This PDF collects the entire series: Crumble Me (first published in Food Porn), A Rose by any Other Name, A Rose in the Night, and Efflorescence.
(Creator: Ariel Vittori, 83 pages, Uncensored, Mature Readers, PDF)



PRICE: $15.00

A new European vision of erotic comics in 17 stories: “Melagrana” (“Pomegranate”) is a full color anthology that aims to rediscover what’s behind the scenes of sex, and the sensuality beyond the stereotype.

Melagrana explores fluid gender and sexuality: from masturbation to polyamory, from asexuality to orgies, from sexting to submission. Everything is confronted with sensitivity and dedication, not wanting to shock but to tell stories: on intimacy between parents, on the hardships of a long distance relationship, on the secrets of a monastery. And much more.

Melagrana Anthology is curated by Attaccapanni Press. With a comic introduction by Ariel Vittori, cover by Lorenzo Fornaciari and stories by: Albhey Longo, Claudia ‘La Nuke’ Razzoli, Eleonora Bruni & Beatrice Zeo Bovo, Flavia Biondi, Giopota, Giulio Macaione, Greta Xella, Ilaria Urbinati, Giorgio Trinchero & Laura ‘La Came’ Camelli, Jessica ‘Loputyn’ Cioffi, Vittoria ‘VicMac’ Macioci, Martina Andrea Batelli, Gloria Pizzilli, Cecilia ‘Lonnom Bao’ Petrucci, Fabio Mancini, Serena Ferrero, Matteo De Longis, Laura Guglielmo.

(Creator: Various, 247 pages, Uncensored, Mature Readers, PDF)