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Technicolor London – That First Night

PRICE: $4.99

Toby Landon’s love life is a bloody mess.  His on and off girlfriend has once again tossed him aside.  His mate Mark gives him some advice: Try something different.  With a kiss, the lives of these two friends go from being black and white to being full of vivid color. No longer a checkerboard, this is Technicolor London.

Ever wonder what happened that first night? Now you get to see it all unfold. Every awkward & embarrassing moment!

(Creator: Crystal Jayme, 25 pages, Uncensored, Mature Readers, PDF)



PRICE: $4.99

Nora Pratt is a real hard-ass boss. She knows what she wants and lets her employees know what she thinks. The only person who doesn’t seem affected by her scary presence is Lydia. She isn’t afraid to show the boss a little cheek.
(Creator: Crystal Jayme, 31 pages, Uncensored, Mature Readers, PDF)