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Darlin’ It’s Betta Down Where It’s Wetta


PRICE: $6.99

An accident at sea leads to a rescue from a beautiful mermaid named Pearl and some very pleasurable beach sex with a human woman named Chloe. After having such a wonderful experience with a vagina, Pearl now wants one of her own. The only reasonable thing to do it to convince the Sea Witch into helping her. (This eBook contains the entire series.)

(Creator: Megan Gedris, 148 pages, Uncensored, Mature Readers, PDF)



Food Porn

PRICE: $15.00

OR buy a print copy of this book.

Food Porn is a collection of the tastiest erotic comics anywhere. Created by a diverse crew of women and NB artists, it is a recipe for pure delight! The book features comics that indulge in the sensuality of food, a perfect tapas of erotic treats for anyone with good taste! Within these pages you will find eager mermen, chocolate monsters, robot boyfriends, girlfriends with the munchies, and so much more.

Eighteen stories by: Kori Michele, Kickingshoes, Boltplum, Crystal Jayme, Niki Smith, Dechanique, Dumpling Heart, Tsukiyono, Apollo Pop, Gina Biggs, Tessa Woodis, Jamie Jennings, Aero Zero, Ariel Vittori, S.W.Searle, Molly Ostertag, Blue Delliquanti, Megan Gedris, Aud Koch, Jess Fink.

(Creator: Various, 280 pages, Uncensored, Mature Readers, PDF)



Crossplay – Sempai

PRICE: $4.99

Best friends with a love of shipping, two girls cosplay the leads from their favorite anime. But as they flirt in-character, their feelings for one another start to show… A lesbian gender-bending cosplay-themed story!

(Creator: Niki Smith, 35 pages, Uncensored, Mature Readers, PDF)

Queens of the Steppe

Queens of the Steppe

PRICE: $4.99

The Khan’s wedding is tonight and Chabi is not so sure she’ll be interested in new her husband’s affections. She looks to his first wife, Oyuun for advice and perhaps a little comfort.
(Creator: Molly Ostertag, 25 pages, Uncensored, Mature Readers, PDF)




PRICE: $3.99

Ester’s harbored a crush on the local apothecary for some time, so she scrimps and saves so she can afford Laela’s moreā€¦ specialized services.
(Creator: S.W.Searle, 18 pages, Uncensored, Mature Readers, PDF)




Change of Plans


PRICE: $3.99

Sofia met Marten online. This is their first date. But he seems more interested in playing with video games than playing with her. Can Sofia find a way to distract him? Does she even want to anymore?
(Creator: Megan Gedris, 12 pages, Uncensored, Mature Readers, PDF)



PRICE: $4.99

Nora Pratt is a real hard-ass boss. She knows what she wants and lets her employees know what she thinks. The only person who doesn’t seem affected by her scary presence is Lydia. She isn’t afraid to show the boss a little cheek.
(Creator: Crystal Jayme, 31 pages, Uncensored, Mature Readers, PDF)


The Lady Eudora Henley – Chapter 1

LadyEudoraHenley_ch01-1PRICE: $5.99

T’was a vulgar impulse to befriend The Lady Eudora Henley. Her wealth was spent feeding her queer appetites, which were perverse and insatiable.

(Creator: Megan Gedris, 60 pages, Uncensored, Mature Readers, PDF)


Work Break

wb_00aPRICE: $4.99

Meg is turned on by her sexy co-worker, Pam, but her little crush isn’t the only secret she’s been keeping. What will happen when Pam finds out?

(Creator: Gina Biggs, 22 pages, Uncensored, Mature Readers, PDF)

Little Red Threads – Volume 1


PRICE: $5.99

Do you remember your first time? The exhilaration, the adrenaline, the hormones and the passion? This collection offers a peek at three couples as they explore their feelings and each other’s bodies for the first time. It’s a naughty romp that will get your blood flowing. Contains: Bound XOXOX, My Sweet Girl, and Tease.

(Creator: Gina Biggs, 74 pages, Uncensored, Mature Readers, PDF)