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AffogatoPRICE: $4.99

A little offbeat tale of a coffee shop owner and a patron who are secretly attracted to each other, but either by discouragement or shyness are unable to ask the other out. They wind up living out fantasies about the other in order to relieve some of their frustration, which leads to some awkward moments and may prove to only widen the gap between them… or perhaps the opposite?

(Creator: Tsukiyono, 38 pages, Uncensored, Mature Readers, PDF)


Heart of Gold


PRICE: $4.99

When mysterious rogue Ramzi and dutiful knight Ketan cross paths, they find that they’re inexplicably attracted to each other. However, Ramzi is a wanted man and loving him would be like playing with fire. Can Ketan keep up this forbidden love in a town where everyone is after his dangerous target of affection?
(Creator: Aero Zero, 21 pages, Uncensored, Mature Readers, PDF)




PRICE: $3.99

Ester’s harbored a crush on the local apothecary for some time, so she scrimps and saves so she can afford Laela’s more… specialized services.
(Creator: S.W.Searle, 18 pages, Uncensored, Mature Readers, PDF)




Cross the Lea


PRICE: $4.99

Lewis Reese is settling in as the new groundskeeper on a lavish English estate. The work is difficult, and enduring the blathering of his loud-mouthed yard hand is worse, but the monotony breaks as soon as a storm does. When a flooding river washes away the bridge with him on it, Lewis is wounded and at the mercy of his master’s young, intimidating nephew. There’s just something about the handsome stranger that leaves Lewis feeling hot despite the chill.
(Creator: Onorobo, 26 pages, Uncensored, Mature Readers, PDF)



College Days


PRICE: $4.99

Kurt just moved into town and is having a hard time connecting with his fellow students at the local community college. When he’s assigned a class project with Forest he has his doubts. Little does he know they live in the same apartment complex.
(Creator: Boltplum, 26 pages, Uncensored, Mature Readers, PDF)

Last Night with My Friend


PRICE: $5.99

Last Night with my Friend tells the tale of two eighteen year old guys who are about to go off to college. Dante is struggling with his feelings for his friend and must confess before his friend leaves.
(Creator: NG Chan, 80 pages, Uncensored, Mature Readers, PDF)


Riding Hood – Chapter 2

rh2_00PRICE: $5.99

Wolves were attacking her village and Annabel found herself literally swept off her feet by the enemy. She forsook the life she knew to run away with the handsome Wolf named Dolphus. She is now traveling beyond the snowy mountains with him in hopes of escaping her fighting. As Annabel tries to find her footing within her new lover’s world, she must also deal with the dangers pursuing them in the wild. Not only is there a sly fox stalking them, but Annabel’s ex-fiance is also on their trail, determined to free her from the seductive hold of the wolf.

(Creator: Gina Biggs, 61 pages, Uncensored, Mature Readers, PDF)

Riding Hood – Chapter 1

rh_00PRICE: $5.99

Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf? It’s a very dangerous time to be traveling through the northern woods. The wolves are on the hunt. Unafraid, Annabel has donned her favorite red cloak and set forth to visit her ailing grandmother. What she finds along the way leaves her breathless; a handsome stranger with piercingly pale blue eyes. It is not long before she is swept away, literally, by this man.

(Creator: Gina Biggs, 60 pages, Uncensored, Mature Readers, PDF)


My Neighbor the Magus – Chapter 2

Magus-c02-p00PRICE: $4.99

As Nina is becoming comfortable in her relationship with Elun, she comes across an interesting book about erotic magic in his sanctum. Elun explains why he has such a book with a comedic tale about a prince who couldn’t be satisfied with his size, and afterwards they spend a pleasurable afternoon together… in bed.

(Creator: Tsukiyono, 24 pages, Uncensored, Mature Readers, PDF)