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Riding Hood – Chapter 2

rh2_00PRICE: $5.99

Wolves were attacking her village and Annabel found herself literally swept off her feet by the enemy. She forsook the life she knew to run away with the handsome Wolf named Dolphus. She is now traveling beyond the snowy mountains with him in hopes of escaping her fighting. As Annabel tries to find her footing within her new lover’s world, she must also deal with the dangers pursuing them in the wild. Not only is there a sly fox stalking them, but Annabel’s ex-fiance is also on their trail, determined to free her from the seductive hold of the wolf.

(Creator: Gina Biggs, 61 pages, Uncensored, Mature Readers, PDF)

ID – Volume 1

PRICE: $5.99

Sex is hot. Sex is amazing. Sex is ridiculous. Join ID and her partner Ego as they explore themselves and each other in (mostly) the bedroom, and try to be erotic despite their own efforts. As they eventually find out, if you don’t get a laugh or two in the bedroom, you might be doing it wrong. (Creator: Jennie Breeden, 64 pages, Uncensored, Mature Readers, PDF)


Riding Hood – Chapter 1

rh_00PRICE: $5.99

Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf? It’s a very dangerous time to be traveling through the northern woods. The wolves are on the hunt. Unafraid, Annabel has donned her favorite red cloak and set forth to visit her ailing grandmother. What she finds along the way leaves her breathless; a handsome stranger with piercingly pale blue eyes. It is not long before she is swept away, literally, by this man.

(Creator: Gina Biggs, 60 pages, Uncensored, Mature Readers, PDF)


Thorn Prince – Chapter 1

tp1_00PRICE: $4.99

Prince Acacia is troubled over his feminine appearance. After being rescued by a female knight named Kristina, he finds a kindred spirit in her and shows her his gratitude. (Creator: Jamie Jennings, 22 pages, Uncensored, Mature Readers, PDF)


My Neighbor the Magus – Chapter 2

Magus-c02-p00PRICE: $4.99

As Nina is becoming comfortable in her relationship with Elun, she comes across an interesting book about erotic magic in his sanctum. Elun explains why he has such a book with a comedic tale about a prince who couldn’t be satisfied with his size, and afterwards they spend a pleasurable afternoon together… in bed.

(Creator: Tsukiyono, 24 pages, Uncensored, Mature Readers, PDF)


The Storm

thestorm_00PRICE: $4.99

It’s a dark and stormy night. He’s too shy to tell her how he feels, she’s having a hard time at home. Electricity is in the air when the two neighbors collide in storm of passion.

(Creator: Gina Biggs, 32 pages, Uncensored, Mature Readers, PDF)

Little Red Threads – Volume 1


PRICE: $5.99

Do you remember your first time? The exhilaration, the adrenaline, the hormones and the passion? This collection offers a peek at three couples as they explore their feelings and each other’s bodies for the first time. It’s a naughty romp that will get your blood flowing. Contains: Bound XOXOX, My Sweet Girl, and Tease.

(Creator: Gina Biggs, 74 pages, Uncensored, Mature Readers, PDF)



PRICE: $6.99

Junhui, a member of a powerful lower world crime syndicate has a chance meeting with a high ranking Fauna named Mielle of an upper level governmental group called Persephone. Instantly smitten with him, Mielle gives him her card before leaving. Later after a assassin mission that goes south and nearly costs him his life, Junhui reflects on his life and his chance meeting with Mielle.

(Creator: Tsukiyono, 118 pages, Uncensored, Mature Readers, PDF)

My neighbor the Magus – Chapter 1

Magus-c01-p00PRICE: $4.99

Overworked and tired, Nina slogs home late one evening only to get caught up in some fantastical trouble as she discovers her neighbor Elun is a magus while stumbling into his casting circle. If that wasn’t enough she manages to sustain a magical injury AND accidentally hexes both herself and Elun while he is trying to heal her wounds.

(Creator: Tsukiyono, 45 pages, Uncensored, Mature Readers, PDF)