Starcross’d – Volume 1

Not all that glitters is gold, and not all those who wear dresses are ladies.

Lord Thorne is frustrated at every turn in his efforts to make lucrative marriages for his step-children; headstrong Elinor deems her suitors dullards, while her shy twin Hugh is far more interested in the theatre than in courting ladies.

This tale follows the high-strung siblings as they stumble into the ribald world of Elizabethan theatre. Here they meet their matches in the form of Leonard, a drag actor having a crisis of identity, and Oliver, a young trans thespian with everything to prove. What ensues is a comedy of errors worthy of the Bard himself – mistaken identities, bawdy romance, and melodramatic twists abound. Is a happy ending in store for our actors? Maybe, if the stars align…

LENGTH: 142 pages
RATING: Mature


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