Starcross’d – Volume 3

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It’s the grand finale! A marriage scheme has been put into motion by Giles’s intrepid troupe and Elinor, while Oliver is determined to rescue his erstwhile lady from the clutches of her father’s ambition. All the while, the premiere of The Celestial Queen is just around the corner, but the fate of its stars remains uncertain!

This final volume contains yet more daring-do, declarations of love, and, of course, the usual debauchery. Will the tangled web they’ve weaved finally come together, or are our lovers destined to remain forever Starcross’d?


LENGTH: 124 pages
RATING: Mature


3 reviews for Starcross’d – Volume 3

  1. Esper (verified owner)

    I loved it!!
    Thanks for posting the complete story! It’s bittersweet to say goodbye to these characters, but how often can we say that about erotica?

  2. stinky

    im so sad this comic has offically ended but same time they were my little fuck and suck blorbos. beauitful comic all around defo insane rec reading this series

  3. Hannah (verified owner)

    what a beautiful story!! I had no clue when I picked up this erotica that it would be such a moving story about love, growth, found family, and discovering identity. and sibling love! goofy hijinks! gorgeous art! fat and trans people seen as beautiful and sexual and worthy of love!!! I can’t wait for the collected edition, this is genuinely one of my favorite books and I’m so grateful to the author for bringing it into the world.

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