Devil’s Due, The

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The demon Qahrlax must secure a soul for their Mistress, a good one, and quick, or risk becoming a sacrifice themselves. The town priest should do the trick, although he may have a few tricks of his own…

LENGTH: 29 pages
RATING: Mature


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2 reviews for Devil’s Due, The

  1. June

    There’s literally nothing I like better than a genderfluid demon with excellent taste in fashion seducing a cute priest. Of course, nothing ever goes as planned, does it? 10/10, I can’t recommend this or GC Houle’s other comics enough. The art is captivating and the characters are always entertaining and unique.

  2. Esper (verified owner)

    This was my first GC Houle comic ever and it’s AMAZING.
    Ecstatic to see more NBs in comics, and the priest/seducer story is a classic that still feels fresh in GC’s hands.
    GC’s use of comic-long limited colour palettes is enviable and strikingly cool.

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