Reckless and Proud – Chapter 1

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In his many centuries of life, Djalil has never dealt with anything more frustrating than a stubborn and uncooperative patient, especially a sword-wielding one. But with Eun-ji in his care, he discovers that even the proudest and most reckless of warriors has indeed someone he’d get on his knees for.

CREATOR: Lucrezia Northstar
LENGTH: 37 pages
RATING: Mature


3 reviews for Reckless and Proud – Chapter 1

  1. emevans1057 (verified owner)

    I’ve been following the artist for a little while on Twitter and absolutely fell in love with their characters Eun-ji and Djalil. I’m so happy to read their story finally! This did not disappoint it was both an adorable and STEAMY first chapter <3

  2. Ibijau (verified owner)

    Very fun and tender story (and also deliciously filthy once the characters get to it <3 )

  3. Sofia Lindström (verified owner)

    I’ve followed Lucrezia Northstar for a long time (10+ years I think at this point) on different online platforms, and her work is always quality! I’ve really enjoyed this chapter, it’s very fun and sweet <3 Looking forward to the next part!

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