Sex Therapy – Chapter 1

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Doc. Ben Harrison is a confident, wealthy man. He practices privately as a psychiatrist in London, and is considered to be a model of professional and moral integrity for others… until a stupidly attractive patient crosses his path.

CREATOR: Fiammetta “Fidi” De Innocentis
LENGTH: 27 pages
RATING: Mature


2 reviews for Sex Therapy – Chapter 1

  1. Julia Pierre (verified owner)

    Ah, what a good first chapter! The art is beautiful, I especially love Alan’s design and his eyelashes. Male characters with actual eyelashes are so uncommon, and the artist has the skill to draw them in a way that he’s got a balance of feminine as well as masculine aesthetic. He’s beautiful and handsome at the same time! I can’t say I blame Ben for being so smitten, and I can’t wait to see Alan’s qualities outside just his looks! Definitely get the sense he knows or least has a guess of Ben’s feelings, and knowingly teased him. I also wanna know about his late wife and how that loss is effecting him!

    Ben himself is just the right amount of desiring something forbidden (a.k.a his patient) to get my taboo fix, but also conflicted enough so he’s not a creep. I’m impressed by how much he has already been communicated about his character in just such a short 1st chapter!

    And of course the erotic scenes are just…*chef kisses* and I want seconds! Can’t wait to read the next chapter!

  2. Etherluna

    Let me first just say how absolutely gorgeous the artwork of this comic is. I’ve been following the author for a bit on Twitter and really fell in love with her style. Alan, Ben… all the details are beautiful.

    The storytelling leaves me hungry for more. Transference or something else, I can’t wait to see how their relationship will proceed. I’m excited to know more about Alan and his past as well. And those erotic scenes… just perfect. ?

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